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Here is some great feedback from clients about the treatments and therapies that I can provide:

"If you are looking for male intimate waxing in Bournemouth and surrounding areas look no further than Liz at Orchid Therapies. Liz will put you at ease with her professionalism and knowledge, she will talk you through the whole process and make you feel completely relaxed. If you are looking to be waxed and I can definitely recommend it, then this is the only place to go." Mr H

"I have always suffered with back ache and more recently with tense aching shoulders and neck. Liz recommended her holistic back massage, which helped greatly.  I was very impressed with Liz's professional manner and unlike many places you go for massage, she checks your health background before doing any treatment and recommends other things that may help your symptoms.  Liz's treatment room is very calming which helps you to relax as soon as you walk in!  But her massage technique is excellent and it certainly helps to take all my aches and pains away.  I went away feeling relaxed and without tense aching shoulders and neck and had a wonderful nights sleep!" Mel

"During my sessions of Reflexology with Liz, I was going through a stressful period of my life…work was ‘touch and go’ for both me and my husband, also the added worry of not being able to conceive in the past 18 months. The sessions brought a sense of perception and the stress levels right down, to point of which I am now content in my life and don’t stress as much. Liz truly made a difference to me and I don’t think I would have been able to have coped as well without her treatment. I would definitely recommend her to every one of my friends or family and even strangers if the opportunity rose. Thank you Liz for making a difference, may the angels watch and guide you!

P.S Since originally writing this statement, I have now discovered I am pregnant and am thrilled that Liz could make this possible!" Ellie

"I had never appreciated the full range of benefits reflexology could bring until my first treatment from Orchid Therapies.  Even after the first session I was feeling much less stressed, my energy levels had increased and I had an overall sense of calmness and well being. Liz has a gentle and calming personality, and goes out of her way to make sure you feel comfortable.  Her therapy room is so inviting… the soft candle lighting, soothing music and tasteful décor enhance the overall experience.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Liz for reflexology or any of her complementary therapy treatments." Angie

"I went to Liz for an Indian Head Massage, after finding things at work getting on top of me and feeling more than a little stressed out!  The experience was wonderful, and after only the first treatment I felt calmer, clearer headed, and more relaxed than I had for weeks!  The subsequent sessions (I had four in total), had the same fantastic result but for longer periods it was as though Liz had worked the stress out of my body!  I would thoroughly recommend this therapy to any woman who like me, has to juggle work, family and kids 24/7." Jen

"I have been to Champneys spa and the Chewton Glen Hotel but Liz at Orchid Therapies gives the best massage in the area!" Sue

"Hollywood waxing really isn't as painful as I thought, I am really surprised! I am definitely coming back to you! " Ann

"Regular treatments have improved my overall health and well being". Sarah

"I felt so relaxed, I nearly fell asleep!" - Robert (after 7 sessions of back waxing)!

"I think she’d agree that my voice was generally quite level throughout and that I did not scream. Yelps perhaps, but no screams…. Had I screamed, though, Liz has a ready supply of lollipops to keep us chaps quiet. That’s customer service…. Will I go back? Undoubtedly. The woman in my life likes the results, and so do I. I may even go back for one of the other treatments, such as a holistic massage or Reiki. Ten out of 10 for Liz’s customer service, results, value and aftercare. Highly recommended." AJ (male intimate waxing).

"Absolutely amazing lady, and a wonderful waxer. So pleased to finally find someone that does the perfect Hollywood wax. Will use again and again. The best in Bournemouth" Sian

"Liz is just fantastic! I could say I've found the best therapist in Dorset and I would happily recommend her!" Paulina

"The best in Bournemouth for intimate waxing" Helen

Thank you for the above testimonials and positive feedback!

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