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    Luxury facial

    Cleanse, double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, hot towels, extraction (optional), steam, facial neck and shoulder massage, masks, soothing eye gel and moisturiser and hand and foot massage.




    Cut, file and shape, hand soak, cuticle treatment, hand and lower arm massage and polish




    Cut, file and shape, foot soak, cuticle treatment, foot rasp, foot and lower leg massage and polish


    Callus Peel - Heels

    Using a unique blade free, hygienic, painless 4 step system to remove hard skin (callus) found on the heels.  A callus peel includes the application of the peel and wrap, callus removal with scraper, filing and moisturising. Hand massage included.  More than one treatment may be necessary to remove very hard skin


    Callus Peel - Heels and balls of feet

    As above including removal of callus on heels and balls of feet


Our Treatments

Our Hands and Feet Treatments

Hands and feet are so important – think how often they are used! It is important to keep a healthy diet rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to promote healthy nail growth. Diet, illness, environment, and our jobs all have a part to play in what our nails look like.

Take a look at your nails now. Could they do with some encouragement? Are they in need of some TLC? Regular Manicures and Pedicures can help make your nails and hands look healthier, softer and can boost your confidence. Manicure and Pedicures treatments are available to men and women. Men generally don't want to have nail polish applied at the end of the treatment, so nails are buffed to a high shine. However if men want nail polish applied just ask!

If your feet are in need of some extra loving then take a look at the Callus Peel treatment available or for a real treat invest in the Deluxe Callus Peel treatment.

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