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Our Treatments

Eyelash tinting

Having your eyelashes tinted will darken the lashes, enhance your eyes and give the illusion of having longer lashes. Imagine panda-free eyes and no smudging if you laugh or cry, swim or sweat. Tinting is a perfect treatment for those with an active lifestyle or going on a relaxing beach holiday or for those who want hassle free lashes. Eyebrow tinting is also available and defines the eyebrows, enhancing your facial features.

Benefits of tinting

  • Ideal for people who enjoy sport related activities
  • Gives more definition to the eye area and the face, especially for those with paler complexions
  • Benefits contact lens wearers
  • Allows more time as less make up to apply
  • No lumpy mascara
  • No risk of the “panda eyes” look

Patch testing

Before treatment, you must have been patch tested at Orchid Therapies at least 24-48 hours beforehand. Even if you have had eyelash tinting previously at another salon, you will not be treated unless you have had no reaction from your patch test. There are no exceptions to this rule – your eyes are precious!


Colours used in eyelash tinting are black, brown, blue/black and grey. The blue/black colour is more vivid than black. Popular eyebrow tinting colours are brown or black.

Eyelash tinting procedure

Contact lens wearers must remove their contact lenses prior to treatment. The eyelash tinting procedure will take approximately 20 minutes. A damp cotton pad with the underneath of the pad coated in petroleum jelly is placed underneath the eyes for protection. The eyes are shut for the whole of the treatment. Petroleum jelly is also used to protect eyelids to protect skin staining. The tint is applied carefully with a brush to the bottom and top eyelashes. Developing time for the tint takes between 5-10 minutes, depending on the manufacturers instructions. Once developed, the tint is wiped away carefully and any excess tint remaining on the skin is then removed.

Eyebrow tinting

Contact lens wearers must remove their contact lenses prior to treatment. Petroleum jelly is used to protect underneath and below the eyebrow to avoid skin staining. The tint is applied to the eyebrow and left on to develop according to the manufacturers instructions. The tint is wiped off with a damp cotton pad and any excess tint removed. The tint should last between 4-6 weeks, depending on how quickly your eyelashes/eyebrows grow or fall out naturally. Oil free cleansers should be used during that period to remove make up.

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