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    Major organs in the body are mapped out on both feet. Reflexology uses techniques to manipulate and treat the feet working over the whole body by aiming to bring the body back into natural balance



    Reiki means "universal life force" and aims to rebalance energy levels by working over specific energy centres called chakras with the purpose to rebalance and heal. Reiki may bring relief to physical and emotional conditions and is a gentle treatment suitable for all ages.  60 minute or 30 minute treatments are available


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Our Treatments

Alternative therapies enable the body to heal itself and bring it back to homeostasis (balance). By working over meridians (pathways in the body) or chakras (energy centres) or using pressure on certain areas on the feet, blocked energy is released and the client is left feeling relaxed and rebalanced.

The words alternative therapies and complementary therapies can mean the same but there is a difference. Alternative therapies means the therapies are used as stand-alone treatment whereas complementary therapies are used in conjunction with medical treatment from the GP or hospital.

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Liz Williams is a professionally trained (ITEC) complementary and beauty therapist, specialising in wellbeing treatments and intimate waxing. To find out more about any of our treatments or to book an appointment, email liz@orchid-therapies.co.uk or text or telephone 07796 270 162 today.

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Double up and relax with fantastic treatments combined together to restore, relax and re-energise.

Bespoke treatment packages available.

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